Bryant Shishka

Name: Bryant Shishka
Gender: Male

Shishka Family

Parents: Nami Shishka (Deceased), Mathoph Shishka
Siblings: Regina Shishka
Spouse: Meadow Thayer (Girlfriend)

The Sims 2

Age: Teenager
Life State: Human
Aspiration: Knowledge
Sign: Virgo

Status: Playable
Neighborhood: Viper Canyon

Bryant Shishka is a playable character in Viper Canyon. He lives in the La Shishka Manore with his sister Regina. His mom is deceased and his dad is back on his home-planet investigating making Bryant a brotherly parent.

When Bryant turned into a child, he and his sister Regina lived a normal life on the planet of Rydushia. Although they live in a desert, they managed to survive there. When the war started though, Mathoph, Bryants father has told Nami, Bryants mother to take them to Earth for a safe place. But unfortunately, his mother died of a strange and mysterious disease that wasn't even caused by the boolprop and Tombstone of Life and Death. No one knew how she died. Bryant is currently best friends with the town's maninizer, Song-Chi Spring. He is also best friends with his sister and his neighbors, the Angatareses.

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