Sims Next Top Model , Cycle 5
~ SNTM Cycle 5
Format: Sims Online Reality Series
Produced by: Bjlacsamana
Created by: Bjlacsamana


  • Joey Mead
  • Wilma Doesn't
  • Brent Wood
  • Rachel Lorentz
Episodes: Weekly
Length: 10-15 minutes (depends on each episode)

Website for streaming: YouTube 2009-present

Original run: August 8, 2009 - June 30, 2010

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This is the 5th cycle of Bjlacsamana's Sims' Next Top Model. It once again had 13 girls, and premiered on August 8, 2009. It's the first cycle to have judges (namely Wilma Doesn't, Brent Wood and Rachel Lorentz as regular judges and a guest judge every week) critiquing the girls' pictures rather than in previous cycle that call-outs are included in the judging. Challenges are also introduced in this cycle. The "Cover Girl of the Week" was removed in this cycle. The opening theme of this cycle is "Sexy Scientists". This season's catch phrase is "It's another exciting cycle that will end in the Big Bang!" The winner was Kazuki Takahashi, the smart and shy girl hailing from Japan beating Kelsey Gramer in the finale.

Episode Summaries   

Episode 1: " Surprise in Store! "

  • First Call-out: Alicia Haverford
  • Bottom Two: Denise Rice and Sindra M'Bali
  • Eliminated: Sindra M'Bali
  • Guest Judge: August Taylor, Top Model Photographer

Episode 2: " It's All in the Bag "

  • Challenge Winner: Alicia Haverford
  • First Call-out: Sharon McCord
  • Bottom Two: Erika Staples and Nicole Connor
  • Eliminated: Erika Staples
  • Guest Judge: Allryn Grant, Prada Inc. Representative

Episode 3: " Finally, There's Testosterone! "

  • Challenge Winner: Oluchi Alika
  • First Call-out: Kelsey Gramer
  • Bottom Two: Alicia Haverford and Rina Rose
  • Eliminated: Rina Rose
  • Guest Judge: Sebastian Grayson, Top Male Model

Episode 4: "Metamorphosis "

  • First Call-out: Alice Woodstock
  • Bottom Two: Denise Rice and Nicole Connor
  • Eliminated: None
  • Guest Judge: Vidal Sassoon, Top Hairstylist

Episode 5: " Sun and Sand "

  • Challenge Winner: Alicia Haverford
  • First Call-out: Oluchi Alika
  • Bottom Two: Alice Woodstock and Veronica Marsh
  • Eliminated: Alice Woodstock
  • Guest Judge: Sharmaine Carlyle, SNTM Cycle 1 Winner

Episode 6: "Work Those Heels! "

  • Challenge Winner:Alicia Haverford
  • First Call-out: Denise Rice
  • Bottom Two: Kazuki Takahashi and Sun Li
  • Eliminated: Sun Li
  • Guest Judge: Sean Kimbell, Top Model Scout

Episode 7: " Beauty & Ugly "

  • Challenge Winner: Nicole Connor
  • First Call-out: Kazuki Takahashi
  • Bottom Two: Nicole Connor and Oluchi Alika
  • Eliminated: Nicole Connor and Oluchi Alika
  • Guest Judge: Yolanda Farrow, SNTM Cycle 3 Winner

Episode 8: " Destination: China! "

  • First Call-out: Alicia Haverford
  • Bottom Two: Denise Rice and Kazuki Takahashi
  • Eliminated: Denise Rice
  • Guest Judge: Gia Linh, Childrenfordinner Cycle 2 Winner

Episode 9: " Lost in Translation "

  • Challenge Winner: Kazuki Takahashi
  • First Call-out: Veronica Marsh
  • Bottom Two: Kazuki Takahashi and Sharon McCord
  • Eliminated: Sharon McCord
  • Guest Judge: Maria Santiago, SNTM Cycle 2 Winner

Episode 10: " Birthdays and Backstabbing "

  • First Call-out: Kazuki Takahashi
  • Bottom Two: Alicia Haverford and Veronica Marsh
  • Eliminated: Alicia Haverford
  • Guest Judge: Leona Clark, Top Fashion Designer

Episode 11: " Sims' Next Top Model Is... "

  • First Call-out: Kelsey Gramer
  • Bottom Two: Kazuki Takahashi and Veronica Marsh
  • Eliminated: Veronica Marsh
  • Guest Judge: Celine Richards-Bristow, SNTM Cycle 4 Winner and Leon Shine, Vogue Editor
  • Special Guests: Emi Ichiro (Samking88's C3 Winner), Questa (NewyorkHD's C2 Winner), Lorelle (Aidansmeaton's C3 Winner), Paulina (EvmCreator's C5 Winner), Brooke (TheHotGossip's C1 Winner), Nathalie (Benjoviso07's C4 Winner), Yoko (Enricenk's C5 Winner), Gia (ChildrenForDinner's C2 Winner), Cassandra (Tijgertjie10's C5 Winner)

  • Sims' Next Top Model: Kazuki Takahashi
  • Runner-Up: Kelsey Gramer

Contestants, In Order of Elimination:          

  • Sindra M'Bali , 22, Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Erika Staples, 19, Arnold, Pennsylvania
  • Rina Rose , 18, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Alice Woodstock, 17, Aubrey, Texas
  • Sun Li , 21 , New York City, New York (Originally from Shanghai, China)
  • Nicole Connor , 20 , Easton, New Hampshire
  • Oluchi Alika , 21 , Canton, Mississippi (Originally from Nkwerre, Nigeria)
  • Denise Rice, 19, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Sharon McCord, 20 , Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Alicia Haverford , 22 , Bella Vista, Arkansas
  • Veronica Marsh , 26 , Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
  • Kelsey Gramer , 20 , Williamsport, Pennsylvania (Originally from Eltmann, Germany)
  • Kazuki Takahashi , 18 , Osaka, Japan

    Joey's Call-Out Order

Order Casting Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Kazuki Alicia Sharon Kelsey Alice Oluchi Denise Kazuki Alicia Veronica Kazuki Kelsey Kazuki
2 Nicole Kelsey Kazuki Oluchi Veronica Nicole Alicia Sharon Kelsey Alicia Kelsey Kazuki Kelsey
3 Kelsey Veronica Kelsey Sun Kazuki Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey Veronica Kelsey Veronica Veronica
4 Veronica Kazuki Veronica Veronica Sun Alicia Veronica Denise Sharon Kazuki Alicia
5 Erika Sharon Rina Kazuki Kelsey Kazuki Oluchi Alicia Kazuki Sharon
6 Sun Erika Denise Nicole Alicia Sharon Nicole Veronica Denise
7 Sharon Alice Oluchi Sharon Sharon Denise Sharon Oluchi
8 Denise Nicole Alicia Denise Oluchi Sun Kazuki Nicole
9 Alice Oluchi Alice Alice Denise Veronica Sun
10 Oluchi Sun Sun Alicia Nicole Alice
11 Alicia Rina Nicole Rina
12 Sindra Denise Erika
13 Rina Sindra

Photo Shoot Guide

Episode 1: Carnival

Episode 2: Prada Bag Ad

Episode 3: Street Fashion with Male Model

Episode 4: Organic Fashion

Episode 5: Beach Babes

Episode 6: Night Fashionistas

Episode 7: Metallic Beauty Shoot

Episode 8: Chinese Warrriors

Episode 9: Chinese Waitress

Episode 10: Chinese Zodiac

Episode 11: Cover Girl Ad and Vogue Cover


Alice: Curly Red Weave

Alicia: Long Wavy Weave

Denise: Dirty Blonde, Cut Shorter

Kazuki: Long Red Wavy Weave

Kelsey: Victorian Inspired Hair, Platinum Blonde

Nicole: Cut Shorter, dyed Brown

Oluchi: Blonde Curly Weave

Sharon: Tomato Red High Fashion Bob Cut

Sun: Brown Curly Weave

Veronica: Straightened Bob Cut

Cycle Statistics

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