SimmerTV (Simmer126)
Format: Sims Online Reality Series
Produced by: simmer126

Created by: simmer126

  • Unknown Male (Seasons 1-2)
  • Sinead Barb (Seasons 3-present)
  • Dustin McKenna
  • Stella Alexander
  • Amy Wu
  • Daniel Driscol
No. of Episodes: 35
Length 10 - 20 minutes
Website for streaming: YouTube (2007-present)
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SimmerTV is involved with the SBB Brothers Channel


SimmerTV is involved with the SBB Brothers Channel

Big Brother Sim Edition is a Big Brother series, that is made with the popular maxis game, The Sims 2, and is broadcasted via Youtube. The show uses the American rules for the game, which allows its house guests (contestants) to play for Head of Household (immunity) and try to avoid eviction (elimination). The house guests must try and do this while being locked in a house, confined from the outside world, and having camera's and microphone's record their every move, word, and thought. Whichever house guest manages to do do this wins the prize money and the title of The Ultimate House Guest.

SBB Brothers

Original Series

About the Game

Head of Household

Head of Household, or HoH is the most powerful position in the game, Whoever wins Head of Household is immune from being evicted that week and gets the sole power to decide who will be nominated for eviction.


If you are one of two people nominated for eviction then you are in danger of possibly being evicted (eliminated) from the show, nominations take place usually mid week, you then have the rest of the week to convince the rest of the housemates to keep you in the game.


If you get evicted from the house then you are out of the running for the grand prize and your face gets either grayed out or a new clip of you leaving the house, is put in the intro.


An alliance is when house guests ban together to try and keep each other safe and try to reach a common goal of evicting a certain person from the house, or reaching the final two, together, for example: Natalie and Pheonix Season One were intruders, they both figured everyone in the house already had an alliance, and formed one of their own.


Season Season Title* Twist(s) *Started
Big Brother 1 A New Era Loss of House Items Spring 2008
Big Brother 2 The Terminator The Terminator & Vacation Location Fall 2008
Big Brother 3 The New Power Hidden Immunity Idol Fall 2009
Big Brother 4 The Marked House Guest TBA Fall 2010
Big Brother 5 The Final Chapter --- Winter 2012


Season Premiere Date Episodes HouseGuests Winner Runner-Up Vacation Location
1 May 11, 2008 11 10 Dustin McKenna LaKeisha Davis None
2 September 20, 2008 12 10 Stella Alexander Pepper Williams Pleasantview Campgrounds
3 September 20, 2009 12 12 Amy Wu Mariam Steeves Maui, Hawaii
4 September 20, 2010 N/A 10 Daniel Driscol Kimberly Miller N/A
5 February 19, 2012 TBD 10 --- --- N/A

Series Statistics

  • Total number of Housemates:


  • Oldest Housemate:

Mariam (Season 3), Age 69

  • Youngest Hosemate:

Hazen (Season 5), Age 17

  • Most Head of Household wins:

Dustin (Season 1), Socks & Stella (Season 2), Jill & Amy (Season 3) ,2 times

  • Most collective times nominated:

Ada (Season 1) , 4 times

  • Most consecutive times nominated:

Ada (Season 1) , 4 times

  • Unanimously voted out of the house:

Sisi & Ada (Season 1), Krista-Lie & Rori (Season 2), Darcy, Riley, Skyler, Jill & Vince (Season 3)

  • Intruders (entered late in game):

Natalie & Pheonix (Season 1)

  • Involved in a double or tripple eviction week:

Markie , Clay , Sisi , Ada and Natalie (Season 1) Sadan & Warren (Season 2) Skyler, Lukas, Jill & Vince (Season 3)

  • Evicted in a Head of Household competion:

Clay, Ada and Natalie (Season 1)

  • Related Housemates:

LaKeisha & Markie (Season 1) Also related to Latonya Walker in Sims Big Brother 6, which aired on Sims Reality Network

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