Beyonce Knowels Carter

Name: Beyonce Knowels Carter
Gender: Female

Carter Family

Parents: Matthew Knowels, Tina Knowels
Siblings: Solange Knowels
Spouse: Jay Z

The Sims 2

Age: Adult
Life State: Human
Aspiration: Fortune
Sign: Taurus

Status: Playable
Neighborhood: Pleasantview

The Sims 3

Life stage: Unborn
Traits: Friendly, Nice, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Perfectionist
Lifetime Wish: True Love
Favorites: Music-Pop, Food- Parfait, Color-Red

Status: Unplayable
Neighborhood: Sunset Valley

In The Sims 2, Beyonce appeared as a teenager living with her parents Matthew and Tina along with her sister Solange. Shortly after, Beyonce met Anthony (a neighbor and childhood friend) and they both went to Sim State Universerity. There, they had their first kiss and fell in love. Shawn proposed to her and quickly, Solange joined Beyonce at SSU. Beyonce graduated and Beyonce and Shawn moved in together. After 3 weeks, Beyonce felt life was taking slow as her parents were already elders and Solange was pregnant. Beyonce and Jay Z were already married but only on the sims games She also keeps a secret she owns a One Direction Cd

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