Aurora Portsom
Aurora with baby Kamal
Aurora with son Kamal


Aurora Portsom


Ghost; died of old age


Firewoman; retired


Newton Baker (ex-husband) Maxwell Williams (husband)


  • Rosalia
  • Leela, Hecuba & Perinath (triplets)
  • Kamal (deceased; drowned)
  • Jane

Other Relations

  • Morgana Portsom (grandmother)(deceased; old age)
  • Dave Ramsey (grandfather)(deceased; old age)
  • Rose Portsom (mother)(deceased; old age)
  • Kenny Keaton (father)
  • Mortimer Goth (stepfather)(deceased; old age)
  • Charles Portsom (half brother)
  • Tamsin Portsom (half sister)
  • Harley Portsom (half brother)
  • Terrie Portsom (half sister)

Favourite Colour


Aurora was the head of the fifth generation of the Portsom Legacy.


Aurora was the illegitimate child of Kenny Keaton and Rose Portsom. However, her father had commitment issues, and refused to marry, so Rose married Mortimer Goth. Though many were concerned for Aurora's feelings, she was surprisingly mature about it (this was probably due to the fact that Mortimer moved in while she was still a toddler). She had good relationships with her father and step-father, as well as her oldest siblings, Charles and Tamsin. Throughout her childhood she practised her logic skills with the paper girl, who she fast became friends with, and when she reached her teens she took to running to school every morning. She achieved her lifetime wish of perfect body, perfect mind by her young adulthood. The day before her birthday, the family moved to Twinbrook.

Move to Twinbrook

Aurora soon met Newton Baker, and eager to begin her life as head of a family, forced him to age up and marry her. However, she soon realised he was a child hating snob, and the pair had many disagreements. However, in spite of this the pair soon had a daughter, Rosalia. This was the end of their happy marriage: Newton started cheating on his wife with a colleague, Charmaine Mann, and Aurora was kissed by Ty Dee. Both kept their respective secrets, though Aurora became confused when Newton started visiting Charmaine constantly (he was visiting his and Charmaine's twin daughters). Other than this mild suspicion, the pair remained oblivious to the failure of their marriage and Aurora became pregnant again. Then, on Rosalia's fifth birthday, everything changed, as the secrets came out. Aurora divorced Newton, and upon completing her SimBot, Bridget, kicked him out.

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Aurora was introduced to Maxwell Williams through her sister Tamsin, and the pair began seeing each other. A week before the triplets' fifth birthday, Aurora proposed to Maxwell. The pair were married the day after the triplets' birthday, facing only a minor stumble when Ty hit on Aurora, and then her mother. They then went on their honeymoon to China.

For more information on the wedding, click here.

Triple Death, Triple Town

Aurora soon gave birth to her and Maxwell's first child, Kamal. He grew up quickly, but drowned the day after his birthday. At his funeral, Aurora befriended a Twinbrook celebrity before joining a growing crowd; her mother was dying. A few minutes later, her father also died from the shock. Wanting to get away from their troubles, the family packed up and moved to Bridgeport. After a few weeks, the family was settled; they had a new house, Rosalia was a rising star and Aurora had given birth to baby Jane.

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Aurora retired on becoming an elder, but was shocked when an engaged Rosalia turned into a vampire on the same day.

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