Asborne is a programme coming soon.

It should be here and launch near Feb 2010

Confirmed families

There are a few confirmed families.

Morten Family

Michael Morten (elder)

Gerald Morten (adult)

Brian Morten (child)

Niole Family

Jean Niole ( she is also Gerald's older cousin(adult)

Brian Niole ( adult)

Noah Niole (teen)

Peter Niole (young adult)

Jacobs Family

Erik Jacobs (adult)

Ginia Jacobs (adult)

Ellis Niole (teen)

Nina Niole (child)

Crumplebottom Family

Mrs. Crumplebottom (adult)

Mr Crumplebottom (adult)

Lathario Family

Don Lathario (adult)

Perkins Family

Lucky Perkins (elder)

Ellison Jones (elder)

Eric Pones (y. adult)


Only seven episodes have been confirmed.

  1. Living Unusally - 2 aliens move in.
  2. DJ, Give Me The Answer - Nina becomes a party animal.
  3. Land of Asborne and Glory - The composer Edmund Trosler ends up living in Asborne.
  4. A Few Hundred Drinks Later - Michael gets drunk after the aliens get married.
  5. Abracadableh! - Erik becomes a warlock impersonator. (Unconfirmed)
  6. Bon Voyage, Mrs C. - Mrs. Crumplebottom goes away for a bit
  7. Mr and Mrs. C - Mrs. Crumplebottom comes back married to a man.
  8. Mrs. Something Crumplebottom - In this episode, you find out Mrs. C's first name.

Behind The Scenes

  • It's location is Riverview
  • Out of the families that exist if you download Riverview, only Don and Lucky are still there in Asborne

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