Anya Wilt (nee Platz) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is the result of her father, Davis Schwann and mother's Dagmar Platz affair. She was born out of wedlock. Soon after she was born Dagmar decided she didn't want to be a mother and left Pineview. She has 3 half-siblings, Sigrid Wilt, Jacque Schwann and Percy Schwann. She was very close to her step-mother, Harper Schwann until she divorced Davis. She was only a toddlar when Clara Shin's fire broke out. She survived and as of The Next Generation she is a teenager she is often seen caring for her younger brother, Percy or talking to Sigrid. She briefly has a relationship with Abel Wilt however when he becomes a young adult they break it off, due to the indifference in age. She attends Faline's birthday party, and is shocked as her long-though dead mother, Dagmar Platz returns to PIneview... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stroies resume, 3 years later it isrevealed that Dagmar has returned to make peace with the daughter she abandoned as an infant. Anya has become a young-adult adn now wishes to renew her romance with the newly widowed Abel Wilt. Anya is continuely drawn to Abel and gets up the courage to ask him out, he declines and informs her that if their relationshio didn't work years ago it will not work now. Dagmar then informs her daughter that she doesn't have much time left and they spend her final days together, Dagmar then passes away, for real.

Anya, desperate for love, sets her eye on the now divorced, but much older,Hans Ulter. However, she is now enthusiastic about the fact that he has a child, Karre. None the less she pursues him romantically, he informs her that he is flattered that she is interested in him but he turns her down. When asked why he. adly, tells her that he has given up on love since his divorce from Sigrid. Just as Anya herself is about to give up on love she meets, Finn Tweckenham, who is her age. He asks her out and she happily accepts.

They date, just as they are about to fall in love, her old flame Abel Wilt shows up and professes his love for her since his relationship with Jezebel didn't work out. Anya wishes to be with Abel but she reluctantly informs him of her engagement to Finn, whom she intends to marry. On their wedding day Anya realizes that she does love Abel, with all her heart. She then leaves Finn at the altar and goes to Abel. They kiss and he proposes, she accepts and they marry that night in a small ceremony.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, 20 years later it is revealed that Anya and Abel are still married. They have had a son, Duncan, who is a teenager.

Anya Wilt
Name Anya Wilt
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Sign Cancer

Parents Suzanne Todd (grand-mother; deceased)
Davis Schwann (father)
Dagmar Platz (mother)
Emma-Lee Schwann (step-mother)
Sibling(s) Sigrid Quarren (half-sister)
Jacque Schwann (half-brother)
Percy Schwann (half-brother)
Astrid Schwann (half-sister)
Spouse(s) Abel Wilt (husband)
Finn Tweckenham (ex-fiance)
Child(ren) Ulvar Wilt (nephew)
Karre Ulter (nephew)
Annie Quarren (niece)
Susanna Schwann (niece)
Duncan Wilt (son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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