Annie Warp (nee Quarren) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is born in the G3 stories, when her mother, Sigrid Wilt and long deceased father, Zed Quarren are reunited. She has a brother, Ulvar Wilt and a half-brother, Karre.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, 20 years later Annie is now a grown woman. She is married to her husband, Asa. They have two children, a son Dale and a daughter Annabeth. They seem to have the perfect life, until Asa begins an affair with Julie Speef.

Pineview: Revisited

When the Pineview stories begin anew, Annie is seen raising her son, Dale, and daughter, Annabeth. She takes after her ancestor Anita Coosband, and is extremely domestic. She soon discovers that her husband, Asa is cheating on her with a woman named Julie Speef. Though she is heartbroken by her husband's betrayal she does not divorce him and tells him that they ARE going to make their marriage work.

Annie Warp
Hi! My name is Annie Warp!
Name Annie Warp
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Annabel Wilt (grand-mother; deceased)
Davis Schwann (grand-father; deceased)
Jacque Schwann (uncle)
Anya Platz (aunt)
Percy Schwann (uncle)
Ljot Sell (uncle)
Sigrid Wilt (mother)
Zed Quarren (father)
Sibling(s) Ulvar Wilt (brother)
Karre Ulter (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Asa Warp (husband)
Child(ren) Dale Warp (son)
Annabeth Warp (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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