Many people are wondering about poor Amalia. In a ditch, she was found dead, but DNA cannot tell how she died. Here is the story:


The last time Amalia was seen alive was running for help after her husbend was killed (many said it was Tank Grunt who married her, but he was seen alive after she died, leading another theory to who she married). These were the words she said after she witnessed the death of her mistyrous husbend:

"Help, Help! My sprouse is dead! He was shot and stabbed! Please, protect my babies! Give them to momma and poppa. Goodbye!" -Amalia's last words

Two months later, her body was found without flesh in a sandbox. This leads to that she was murdered, since they found out she died shortly after the words she said. There were no witnesses on who killed her. Have your say, and help find out who killed her.

Who killed Amalia

  • Tank Grunt probably got jealous and killed her husband.
  • Her husbend may have been killed by somebody of her dark past. Tank Grunt was possably inorcent on his death.
  • Who cares!

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