The Sims 3
Amare TS3
Hi! My name is Amare Fallen!

Life stage: Child
Life state: Human
Traits: Good, Virtuoso, Lucky

Neighborhood: Riverview

Amare Running was the daughter of ack and Kaleigh Running. She lived in a large house in Riverview with her maternal aunt Aya Mizushima, within walking distance from her friend Veteris.

Early Life

As a teen, Amare dated Veteris Fallen due to peer pressure. Eventually, this broke apart, but they surprisingly remained good friends. She then dated Skip Broke, but this failed as well. In University, she met up with Veteris again, and they dated, marrying when they were out of university.

Married Life

Veteris and Amare stayed married for years. Amare moved to the island of Mille Fleurs with her husband, where they started a family. This went well, until Veteris discovered her lengthy affair. They were separated, and their sons Anima and Caelum were shipped between the two houses, causing great emotional stress. After a year, Amare patched her relation up with Veteris, and they began living together, and Amare gave up her over-romantic ways. Their happiness was short-lived, however, because she contracted a sickness, killing her three months later. It took the rest of her family years to move on.

Amare Fallen
Name Amare Fallen
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Romance

The Fallen Family
Parents Zack Running, Kaleigh Running
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Veteris Fallen
Child(ren) Caelum Fallen, Anima Fallen

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
The Fallen Family
Senex and Genesis
Veteris and Amare, Ipse
Caelum and Hira, Kerah, Anima and Heather
Fortuna, Spirare, and Santana

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