Alton and Neve.

Alton Siddle and Neve Lord-Chalk are a main super-couple in the Ribbon Heights spin-off, Ribbon Heights 2.0.

Alton and Neve are never formally introduced, they presumeably meet at school as children. Their parents were best friends and it is shown that Neve and Alton were friends from child-hood until adult-hood. Their relationship turns romantic towards the end of the original series, where Neve and Alton have become young adults and engage in a short fling. However, Neve becomes pregnant as a result of their short affair. After word reaches their parents, Gregg, Derek, Max and Wendy (Alton's step-mother), they naturally assume a wedding will take place. However, Neve and Alton decide not to marry. The series ends with their parents acknowledging their relationship and preparing to become single and un-wed parents. When asked by their friends and family as to why they decided to not marry, they inform them that all they had was a short fling and that they had not fallen in love with each other... yet.


In the spin-off, set 10 years later, it is revealed that Neve gave birth to a boy and she and Alton named him Roeper. Alton and Neve aren't together and in fact Neve is living with her boyfriend, Henri and Alton is divorced from, Charis Onassiser. However, as the story progresses it is clear that Neve has always had feelings for Alton and that three years prior to the opening of the stories he asked her to marry him and she shot him down. When Henri proposes to her, she rejects him and his idea to have a baby and she dumps him, especially after shouting at him that she loves Alton.

Neve becomes jealous and reaches a bump when Alton becomes infatuated with Ribbon Heights newest resident, Adia Faison. He eventually begins dating her, to Neve's disgust. When Alton's father, Derek Siddle, dies Alton flees town full of grief. Neve makes a hasty decision to go after him as does Adia. Upon their return to town Neve and Adia amke Alton choose between them and Alton chooses Neve... but only because she is the mother of his child. Neve then feels guilty and allows Alton to reconcile with Adia. Their reunion is short-lived. After Adia is revealed to be the secret and long lost daughter of Gladys Telfair, she dumps Alton. He then spends more time with Roeper and Neve.

After Alton spots Adia and sees how happy she is with her single life he rusn to see Neve and professes his un-dying love for her. She responds by falling into a passionate kiss with him. Alton and Neve then begin their life as a couple and after dating for a while they begin living together, to Roeper's excitement. However, un-known to Neve and Alton that after Adia and her relationship with a man named Harlon DuBois ends she becomes jealous of Alton and tries to win him back. After her attempts to seduce him fail, her mother, Gladys vows to help her. Neve then apologizes to Alton for wasting so much time and not accepting his proposal years ago. He then asks if she will accept this one, as he drops on one knee, Neve happily accepts.

When their wedding day arrives, Adia and Gladys put their plan into action. Adia attempts to seduce Alton upstairs before the wedding, and then will attempt to become pregnant by him, or if not she'll pull a "Gladys" and fake a pregnancy. However, Alton rejects Adia's advances and proceeds with the ceremony. As Neve and Alton are to be pronounced man and wife, Adia causes a scene and "informs" everyone that minutes ago upstairs Alton forced himself upon her. The crowd is in awe and chaos ensues. Before Alton can explain, Neve runs off devestated. However, Adia's plan is also foiled as there is no way she can be pregnant.

Neve vanishes for a while and Alton is furious with Adia. She eventually returns and tells Alton she needs time to think. Adia then makes ammends to Alton and Neve and after this Neve reconciles with Alton. They then decide to marry in a small ceremony, just parents and siblings. After some planning Neve and Alton marry in the park at dusk, the same evening as Gladys's fated dinner party. Shortly after their marriage Neve becomes pregnant for a second time. After she reveals her pregnancy Roeper begins acting funny. It is revealed he was dating his adoptive second cousin, Tabitha. His parents force him to end the relationship.

Neve then gives birth to a daughter that she and Alton name Maxine after Neve's father Maxwell Lord. She and Alton them have a period if utter happiness and love. When Alton's ex-wife, Charis, becomes engaged and marries a wealthy man named Chip Hallworthy, he becomes suspicious since Chip has been widowed four times. Neve becomes increasingly jealous by this as he is married to her now. She confronts him on the matter and orders he stop and though he tells her he will he goes behind her back and continues to pursue Chip's history. Alton then exposes Chip as a killer and saves Charis, but at the cost of his marriage, when he arrives home Neve has packed and left.

When he calls Neve and demands he see his kids she eventually relents and he explains himself. He tells her that their separation is un-necessary. After some convincing by Roeper she agrees and Neve and Alton reconcile again. After seeing how deeply hurt Charis was by Chip's betrayal she and Alton plan a suprise for her. They eventually re-unite her with her estranged daughter and ex-husband, Athina and Rudy. After that Neve and Alton age into Elders and enter their golden years happily and in love.

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