Alton Siddle
Alton Siddle




Young Adult/Adult/Elder




Al (nick-name)


Derek Siddle (father; deceased)
Esther Charles-Siddle (mother; deceased)
Wendy Siddle (step-mother; deceased)


Marlo Siddle-Onassiser (half-sister)


Neve Siddle (wife)
Charis Onassiser (ex-wife)


Adia Faison (ex-girlfriend)


Roeper Siddle (son)
Maxine Siddle (daughter)


Steven Siddle (grand-father; deceased)
Hester Asset-Siddle (grand-mother; deceased)
Pearl Asset (great-aunt; deceased)
Marnie Urschel (aunt)
Ambrose Charles (uncle)
Gregg Chalk (father-in-law; deceased)
Maxwell Lord (father-in-law; deceased)
Iris Rebuff-Siddle (daughter-in-law)
Walden Lillian (son-in-law)
Adele Siddle (grand-daughter)
Rutger Siddle (grand-son)
Leland Lillian (grand-son)
Tricia du Gard (cousin)
Tabitha Urschel (cousin)


Alton Siddle is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Alton returns in the final with his mother, Esther. His father, Derek Siddle, didn't know of his existence until esther returned from being missing for a year. Esther discovered she was pregnant after running off but returned after giving birth.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Derek and Esther are still married and rasing Alton. However, his father is miserable as he is no longer happy with Esther and only chose to remain with her for so long because of Alton. He and Esther eventually divorce and Derek goes back to Wendy, his true love. Alton quickly develops a hatred for Wendy after this seeing her as a home-wrecker. Esther then tells Derek she and Alton are moving and they leave.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Derek learns Esther has died, of an un-known reason, and he is given full custody of Alton. By now Derek and Wendy have eloped, making her his step-mother. However, Wendy is absent as her parents took her away. Alton enjoys spending time with his dad, but once again becomes mad when Derek gets involved with Oona Kluck.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Alton's hatred for Oona grows and Derek confronts him about it and Alton claims she is not his mommy. Derek reasons with his son and they reconcile. However, at his father's wedding too Oona, Wendy returns and his father and her reconcile.

Set 8

In the eight set, Alton learns he will be getting a new sibling as Wendy announces that she and Derek are expecting a baby. He is excited and then becomes bitter, fearing they will push him out of their lives. Derek reassures when push comes to shove he would pick Alton and the baby over Wendy. Alton the puts Derek in such positions until Derek scolds him. He then recieves a half-sister named Marlo.

Set 9

In the ninth set, 2 years later, Alton will soon become a young adult and a party is planned for him. Wendy, fearing Alton will think she want him iut of the house doesn't help planning it. However, when Alton finds out he become s mad anyways and claims she doesn't love him. wendy then tells Alton she loves him like her own son, they finally reconcile for good.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Alton is a young adult and moves out. However, he only moves next door. He has a brief relationship with Neve Lord-Chalk, who becomes pregnant. When their parents discover this they tell them to marry but Derek and Neve break up and claim they are not in love. They decide to keep the child and raise it, just not married. Alton then begins a relationship with Charis Onassiser.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0, set 10 years later, Alton becomes a main character.

Set 1

In the first set, Alton is now an adult. He and Neve had a boy who they named Roeper. He and Charis marrried, but divorced. He and Neve have joint cusotdy of their son. Marlo is a teenager and Wendy and Derek are still married. He and Charis are on good terms with their divorce as he and Neve still maintain a rocky relationship. He quickly become infatuated with new-comer Adia Faison], but knows she is hiding something. He and Charis investigate until she learns his interest is romantic and not fiscal. He and Adia eventually begin dating and he promises nothing bad will happen to her and he won't let George hurt her. At Myra Sharp's party, He runs after Adia when she learns something has happened to Regan and George is involved. Alton then learns Adia's secret past and he bets up George. In the end Adia divorces Goerge and she and Alton kiss. His step-grand-mother, Abbigail Jule, also dies in this set. It is also revealed that Neve is hostile towards him because she secretly loves him and he proposed to her 3 years before the start of the series. She rejected and regrets it.

Set 2

In the second set, Alton and Adia are now blissfully in love. A Miserable and single Neve tries desperately to break them up, to no avail. However, Alton's father, Derek, passes away making Alton vulnerable. Wendy then reveals that Alton has an uncle he's never met, Ambrose. He then leaves to go see Ambrose. Neve goes afterhim, when Adia finds out so does she. Upon his and his uncle's return Adia and Neve force Alton into a confrontation. Alton says he must choose Neve as she is Roeper's mother. Angry, Adia dumps him. After Neve realizes they love each other she tells him he can see Adia and they reconcile.

Set 3

In the third set, Alton is dumped by Adia after she finds out that Gladys is her mother. She tells him she needs to start fresh and begin anew. Alton is heart broken but he Neve and Roeper begin spending time together as a family. Neve then admits her feelings for him and he reciprocates. However, he claims he needs time to recover, until he spots Adia with Harlon. He and Neve then move in together. She apologizes for being stubborn and wasting so much time and rejecting his proposal years ago. he then asks if she will accept one now, as he drops on one knee. Neve happily accepts.

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