Allan Greyoff is a sim in the town of Pineview. He first appears in the Generation 03 stories. He becomes a love-interest for the newly wiowed, Dorothy Wilt. However, she breaks it off with him. This in turn allows Allan and Annabel Sell to meet. They begin a romance, but begin taking it slow. Eventually he is seduced by a slightly younger Olga Todd and he quits his relationship with Annabel and marries Olga. However, he has no idea that his marriage to Olga was only a scheme to get her son back. She suceeds with her plan and hopes that Allan will die soon...
Allan Greyoff
Hi! My name is Allan Greyoff!
Name Allan Greyoff
Gender Male
Life stage Elder
Sign Leo

Spouse(s) Dorothy Wilt (ex-girlfriend)
Annabel Sell (ex-girlfriend)
Olga Greyoff (wife)
Child(ren) Hadley Serd (step-son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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