Alice Vilalobos








Alice Space (maiden name)
Alice Greaves (first married name)
Alice Vilalobos (second married name)


Glen Space (father)
Calista Space (mother)


Corinne Space (sister)


Scot Greaves (ex-husband)
Jorge Vilalobos (husband)


Oscar Greaves (son)
Mindy Greaves (daughter)
Diego Vilalobos (son)
Carmen Vilalobos (daughter)


Pierce Space (nephew)


Allison "Alice" Vilalobos (nee Space, previously Greaves) is one of the main characters in The Space Families stories. She is the oldest daughter of Glen and Calista Space. She is the older sister of Corinne Space. The mother of Oscar and Mindy Space. She is now the ex-wife of Scot Greaves.


In the beginning, Alice is born to Glen and Calista shortly after they marry and move in to their apartment. After Calista gives birth to Alice, the couples apartment becomes too small for them to raise her in and they move into a house in the suburbs. Shortly after Alice becomes a toddlar and her family gets on their feet, Calista becomes pregnant again. Alice then becomes a big sister after her younger sister, Corinne is born. Alice and Corinne get along well with their parents and each other well for the most part. When Alice becomes a child, she quickly establishes her standing as a domestic sim. She seems to also have a knack for sewing and design. However, she dedicates and aspires to become the perfect wife and mother. When Alice then ages into a teenager, she begins to date Scot Greaves a boy she attends high school with.

Her ability to sew things progresses greatly. Her mother pushes her into making it her path in life. However, Alice persists that all she really wants to do is be a mother. Her romance with Scot appears to be too good to be true. They break up for a while as teenagers but they reconcile before they become young adults. Upon aging into young adults Scot asks Alice to marry him. Eleated, she accepts the offer. Glen, Calista and Corinne all feel that Alice and Scot are rushing into marriage. Since, however, it is Alice's dream to be a wife and mother the marriage occurs and Scot and Alice marry. Shortly after marrying Alice becomes pregnant and gives birth to the couple's first child, their son Oscar. Scot begins to work more and leaves Alice home alone with Oscar a lot. Alice, takes this in stride and raises Oscar none the less. She then becomes pregnant again and then gives birth to the couple's second child, their daughter, Mindy.

Alice's life then hits a high after Minday is born as she has finally achieved her dream of being a mother and a wife. However, Scot loses his job and the Greaves family is forced to move back into Glen and Calista's house, along with Corinne. Alice doesn't let this bring her mood down. She then makes a horrifying discovery when she catches Scot with his pants down, literally, as he was having an affair with lounge singer, Marion Alma. Though it is against Alice's beliefs she divorces Scot. However, it is not all cut and dry. Scot is permitted to continue living in the Space home with everyone else. Alice then becomes heart broken and withdrawn when Scot re-married to Marion almost immediatley after their divorce is finalized. She then becomes angry when the much younger Marion becomes pregnant and gives birth to twins, Edwin and Edna.

Alice is then forced to get a job as Scot no longer provides for her and his kids, just his kids. She obtains a job in the business career as an executive assistant. She is then convinced by her mother to use the space form her, Calista's, failed pottery business and open up her own boutique. Alice relishes the idea and begins to sew her own clothes and opens the store. Business booms and sales take off. She is then pushed by her kids to start dating again as she ages into an adult. She is then asked out by a customer in her shop one day named, Jorge Vilalobos. Alice and Jorge quickly fall in love and he proposes to her, Alice accepts.

Alice and Jprge's wedding plan are put on hold when Glen and Calista pass away. Alice and corinne are heart broken. Alice and Jorge then marry. Alice soon discovers that she is pregnant again. She and Jorge are elated. Scot becomes nervous as Alice inn herits the house and can now kick Scot, Marion, Edwin and Edna out. She decides not to so that Oscar and Mindy can be near their father. Like Marion, Alice also gives borth to twins. She has one boy, Diego, and one girl, Carmen.

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