Adia DuBois
Adia DuBois






Grocery Store Employee


Adia Kell (maiden name)
Adia Faison (first married name)
Adia DuBois (second married name)


Gladys Telfair (mother; deceased)
Wilbur Kell (father; deceased)


Rupert Urschel (half-brother)
Reed Lillian (adoptive brother)
Regan Lillian (adoptive brother)


George Faison (ex-husband)
Harlon DuBois (husband)


Alton Siddle (ex-boyfriend)
Henri Deux (ex-boyfriend)


Georgia DuBois (daughter)


Marnie Urschel (sister-in-law)
Pru Lillian (sister-in-law)
Gal Lillian (sister-in-law)
Axel Redder (son-in-law)
Tricia du Gard (niece)
Tabitha Urschel (niece)
Walden Lillian (nephew)
Wallace Lillian (nephew)
Harmony Lillian (niece)
Melody Lillian (niece)
Vance Call (grand-son)


Adia DuBois (nee Kell, previously Faison) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0 Adia is a regular main character.

Set 1

In the first set, Adia is the newest person to arrive in Ribbon Heights. She is a young adult. She is fearful and is clearly running from something. Though she is a young adult she is watched over by the Elder sims like Gladys Telfair, who give her guidance. A man then comes to town named George F. he is someone from Adia's scarred past. Gladys rescues Adia from a brutal confrontation between her and George. Gladys then extends an offer for Adia to come live with her and Beck, as Reed is gone and Regan lives on his own. She accepts the offer. She then learns that George has decided to stay in Ribbon Heights, to her horror. George then begins dating Ida Rebuff, Adia tries to warn her without giving her secret past away, she fails.

However, when George is thrown into the spotlight with Ida's father, Floyd Rebuff becoming Mayor again, he can't do anything to her without scandal. She then begins to date Alton Siddle. However, after Ida and George break up he again oursues Adia, making her paranoid. This strains her relationship with Alton as she is not really "there." Gladys vows that she will not let anything bad happen to Adia, as does Alton. However, at Guy and Karina's party to welcome their new baby, Myra, Adia realizes that Regan is missing and figures he must hav gone to investigate George. She runs off with Alton following her and Gladys hot on his heels. When they arrive at George's home he has beaten Regan and Adia then reveals her secret, she and George are married.

She then tells everyone that she was forced into the marriage as her family was in a finacial crisis and George came from a wealthy family However, he is abusive. Alton then best George up. Gladys then tells Adia she knew her situation all along. It is then reveaed that Adia's maiden name is Kell, she is Wilbur Kell's daughter. Gladys read years ago his business was flundering and learned that he had married off his daughter whom he had with his second wife. Adia then hugs Gladys. Gladys then tells her about her marriage to Wilbur and how her and George's relationship is similar to Gladys's marriage to Basil. George is then taken away, Adia divorces him and kisses Alton.

Set 2

In the second set, two months later, Adia and Alton are blissfully in love. However, when Alton's father, Derek Siddle, dies Alton is devestated that the only other biological relative he has now is his young half-sister. When Wendy tells him of his uncle, Ambrose. Alton sets out to find him. When Adia hears that Neve went after him she, afraid Neve will steal him, runs after himas well. Upon their return Neve and Adia have a confrontation. Gladys also becomes very over-protective of Adia, rising Adia's suspicions. Adia and Neve then give Alton a choice betwen them. Alton chooses Neve as she is the mother of his son. However, Neve reletns and allows Adia and Alton to be together. They move in but begin fighting. Adia then tells Gladys she feels she is getting too close to her.

Gladys then revals in the set finale that the reason she is so close to Adia is that she is in fact her mother. It is revealed that Gladys had an affair with her ex-husband Wilbur between sets 8 & 9 of the original series, became pregnant and gave birth to Adia. This was before she was involved with Beck. However, Gladys did not want to raise another child and Wilbur an dhis new wife, Petunia, could not have children she then gave them Adia to raise as their own. She kept this from Beck who as a result separated from Gladys, they eventually reconcile. Adia then embraces her new family.

Set 3

In the third set, Adia decides she needs a completely frsh start and begins by breaking up with Alton and asking Gladys, her mother, if she can come stay with her and Beck for a while. Just then her newly adoptive brother, Reed Lillian returns and moves back in as well. They begin to bond, to Reagn's chargin. She then gets a job working at the local grocery store. She then meets Harlon DuBois, a customer who asks her out. Adia accepts the offer and they begin dating. She is slightly embarassed when she learns that Harlon is a wealthy land owner and she simply works in a grocery store. However, Harlon tells her he likes her, not her career. However, un-beknownst to Adia Harlon has been working with Chairs and buying off all the land in Ribbon Heights. After Adia hears that Neve and Alton are engaged, she becomes clingy and needy, resulting in Harlon dumping her.

She then tells Gladys everything and gow she is still hung up on Alton. Gladys, to her shock, then vows to help Adia get Alton back. The two formulate a plan to get him back. Their initial plan was to have Adia seduce Alton at his wedding reception and attempt to fall pregnant with his child, or if not she would do as Gladys did when she tried to save her marriage to Wilbur. Their plan changes on the day of the wedding. Adia goes to see Alton before the ceremony and attempts to bed him. He rejects her advances and she tries to kiss him he pushes her out of the way and tells her he loves Neve. The ceremony begins but Adia interupts before they can be pronounced married and claims that Alton just forced himsefl upon her upstairs. Alton denies it and tries to explain, but before he can Neve runs off, in utter shock.

Set 4

In the fourth set, 2 weeks after the events of set three, Adia's plan is ruined as she and Alton never actually slept together so there is no way she could be pregnant. She then tries to talk to him, only to realize just how much hatred he has for her, now that she drove Neve away, who is still missing. She then realizes what she has done and had no roght to do so. She promises to make things right upon Neve's return. She then begins seeing Harlon again. When Neve does return to town She tries to talk to her, only to have her shut Adia out. Eventually Adia gets through and tells her she was selfish and that Alton in fact, did nothing to her. Neve and Adia then finally make ammends and their relationship is mended. She then dumps Harlon when he is arrested and learns that he was the one working with Charis and buying all the land. She then gets to talk to Aton and sets things right with him as well. She then makes a shocking discovery; she's pregnant. She goes to the jail to tell Harlon, who is the father. Neve then thinks that Adia lied and the child is Alton's she assures her that Alton is not the father, to Neve's relief. As a result of the toll pregnancy takes on Adia she loses her job die to her tiredness and vomiting. On her way to her mother's planned dinner party, she runs into an old friend who, even though she is pregnant, asks her out. They mystery man: Henri. Her mother, Gladys, is then killed in the ensuing fire at her home when Pierre's past is revealed. Adia makes it out of the fire alright but is heart broken when she hears about her mother.

Set 5

In the fifth set, Adia begins dating Henri and she gives birth to her daughter, Georgia. She gives Georgia the last name Telfair, after her late mother. However, Henri begins to lose his patience with Adia as she begins to worry about Georgia too often. He causes a scene at the late reception of Alton and Neve's. She breaks up with him and takes her daughter to her mother's grave. Wilbur moves back to town after his second wife, Petunia, left him. Adia lives with with Wilbur for a while. However, she then notices how all her friends are happy and in love with their lives. She then asks her father to take her home to Old Town, the place where she was raise. Wilbur, Adia and Georgia pack up and leave Ribbon Heights. Adia doesn't say good-bye to anyone, meaning she planned on returning.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Adia is gone until the very end. She returns with Georgia in hand. It is revealed that Wilbur passed away and Adia returned to the only home she had left, Ribbon Heights. She then passes Harlon, who has been released, on the street. To his shock she asks if he would like to meet their daughter, he accepts her offer. She is saddened by the news of Ida's death. When harlon begins to spend time with Georgia, Adia starts to fall in love with him all over again. She forgives him for his crimes and they begin dating... again.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Adia and Harlon are happily dating. Adia then changes Georgia's name from Telfair to DuBois. Their relationship becomes strained when the tabloids begin to focus on Harlon and his criminal dealings with a then evil Charis atill hang over his head. Adia then tells him that she forgives him and so can the town. They kiss and Harlon eventually proposes. Adia happily accepts the offer.

25 Years Later

25 years later, in the finale, Adia and Harlon eventually married and finished raising Georgia who was married to a man, Sage Call, they had a son Vance and she has since re-married to a man named Axel Redder.

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