Adam Hart is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is there in the beginning but does not become a central character until after Suzie Alido moves back to PIneview. When Suzie's daughter Dahlia Alido ages into a teenager she and Adam begin dating. They date all throught their teenage years and into adults. Adam and Suzie throw Dahlia a suprise wedding and they marry. Soon Dahlia becomes pregnant nd gives birth to their daughter, Nerissa. Adam quickly becomes friends with Blare Custer, Dahlia's step-father and Suzie's second (and later thrid) husband. He also becomes friends with all the other Next Generation husbands.

The Fire

He along with Dahlia and the now child-age Nerissa attend Melissa's grand-opeing and after party. When the fire breaks out He, Dahlia, Nerissa, Suzie and Blare all et out of the fire safely. The Next day Adam brings home a female co-worker, Dixie Allbee(The daughter of Janice Allbee) and she begins to flirt with him right in front of Dahlia. This places doubt upon the status of their marriage... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume, 5 years later it is revealed that Adam and Dahlia are still married but Adam has begun an affair with Dixie. He and his now teenage daughter, Nerissa have a horrible relationship. When Dahlia discovers the affair she tells Adam to choose between her and Dixie. Adam refuses to choose, this results in a separation.

Dahlia then kisses the wealthy Winston Othel. Melissa Shin then has a heart to heart with Dahlia about how she shoud,not give up on her marriage so easily as Melissa regrets doing such a thing with Davis Schwann. When Dixie learns that her mother, Janice Allbee, had an affair years ago with Abraham Wilt, a married sim, Dixie leaves town as she does not wishe to be like her mother. Then Adam and Dahlia reconcile. Their Make-up doesn't last long. When Dahlia tries to repair their marriage by suggesting they have another child Adam rejects her and informs her that he is in love with Dixie. He then leaves Dahlia for Dixie...

Generation 03

He later returns to Pineview and informs Dahlia that he and Dixie divorced as she found him "exhausting", he and Dahlia then try to form another relationship. However, Dahlia is convinvced to dump Adam, by Nerissa. When Dahlia moves away Adam tries to patch things up with his daughter and they make ammends as he passes away.

Adam Hart
Hi! My name is Adam Hart!
Name Adam Hart
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Sign Gemani

Parents Cyrus Alido (father-in-law; deceased)
Suzie Custer (mother-in-law; deceased)
Blare Custer (step-father-in-law; deceased)
Spouse(s) Dahlia Hart (ex-wife)
Dixie Allbee (ex-wife)
Child(ren) Nerissa Hart (daughter)
Shahra Quest (grand-daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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