Abel Wilt is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is the son of Devlin Wilt and Kelly Wilt. His mother's pregnancy is the main reason his parents married. After his birth he lives with his aunt Annabel Wilt and cousin Sigrid Wilt at his grand-mother, Anita Coosband and step-grand-father, Franklin Coosband's home. He got along well with everyone. Abel was a child when Clara Shin's fire broke out. He attended the party with his family. He got out safely, however, his mother did not and Kelly dies in the blaze. When the stroeis resume 5 years later, Abel is now a teenager and trying to adapt to his father's new love and his new step-mother, Dorothy Quarren. At first he despises his step-mother, but after the birth of his half-brother, Norris. They reconcile. Abel has his mother's lazy trait which causes tension with his father. He has a brief relationship with Anya Platz, when he ages into a young adult they break it off due to their indifference in age. He attends Faline's birthday party but reaches a boiling point in his life hen then gives his father a choice, him or his new family, (Dorothy and Norris).... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Abel, his father and step-mother have repaired their complex relationship. It is then revealed that during the leap Abel married a sim, Xandra. However, sometime during the leap she died, similar to Devlin and Kelly's romance. Anya Platz, now a young-adult, attempts to renew their old romance however, Abel turns her down. He is then struck with love when he sights Jezebel Jones. They begin to date. However, their relationship does not last. When he discovers that she was seeing Dusty Scroll on the side.

He, then realizes that he does care for Anya and he professes his love for her, however, she informs him of her relationship with Finn and that they are engaged. Abel then leaves crushed. He then contemplates leaving Pineview, again, but decides against it. On Anya and Finn's wedding day she realizes that she does love Abel with all her heart. She then leaves Finn at the altar and goes to Able he proposes and she accepts they marry that night in a small ceremony. Abel then goes through a dark period when his father dies. His wife then helps him through it...

Abel Wilt
Hi! My name is Abel Wilt!
Name Abel Wilt
Gender Male
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Anita Coosband (grand-mother; deceased)
Abraham Wilt (grand-father; deceased)
Annabel Sell (aunt)
Bill Sell (uncle)
Devlin Wilt (father; deceased)
Kelly Wilt (mother; deceased)
Dorothy Wilt (step-mother)
Sibling(s) Norris Wilt (half-brother)
Sigrid Wilt (cousin)
Ljot Sell (cousin)
Spouse(s) Anya Wilt (wife)
Xandra Wilt (wife; deceased)
Jezebel Jones (ex-girlfriend)

Neighborhood Pineview

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