Aaron Tang

Name: Aaron Tang
Gender: Male


Parents: Robert Tang, Shirlee Tang
Siblings: Yasmine Tang, Albert Tang, Taylor Tang
Spouse: None
Child(ren): None

The Sims 3

Life stage: Teen
Life state: Human
Traits: Insane, Grumpy, Frugal, Evil
Lifetime Wish: The Emperor of Evil
Favorites: Music - Electronica, Food - Fish and Chips, Color - Black

Status: Playable
Neighborhood: Sunset Valley


The first child of Robert and Shirlee Tang. He is VERY good and is very insane. He is always thinking of what ne plot he is going to have. His appearence resembles Gunther Goth.

Career History

Nude Model (this makes him a famous stripper



Lifetime Rewards

Award for nude modeling

Award for Stripping


he likes collecting posters including Barbie Usher

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